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Found an animal?

If you have found an animal in need of care please call us at (360)886-8917. Our fall and winter hours of operation are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Sunday. Please do not bring in an animal before making contact with a staff member. 

  • In March of 2023 we had our state permits returned to us per legal decree. Animals that we can rehabilitate are mammals, reptiles, amphibians and upland game birds (such as grouse, pheasants, and quail). 

  • Our people can help you find who in the state can potentially assist you with species we cannot accept at this time.  However, these organizations are often a long drive away and may be at capacity during the spring and summer season. 

  • Most wildlife species cannot be held as pets.

Please note that it is illegal for a non-licensed individual to care for and rehabilitate wildlife.


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