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Found an animal?

We have had our state permits returned to us and in February we started our return to service with our Animal Control and humane society contracts and local police and the WSP.  In March, we will carefully accept animals from the general public.  Animals that can be admitted at PSWC are:  mammals, reptiles, amphibians and non-migratory birds (pheasants, grouse, rock doves).  We will advise when our federal migratory permit is issued.  The inspections have been done.  Animals that can be admitted upstairs at Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital (360-886-8000) are migratory birds needing humane euthanasia.  If birds do not need that service, we can help you coordinate to get them elsewhere.  Please do not leave animals on our doorstep.

Please note that it is illegal for a non-licensed individual to care for and rehabilitate wildlife.


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