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Future Development 

Camp Fire at Night
West_Coyote and Wolf Tracks.jpg

Photo © K.M. West


The future of Puget Sound WildCare is bright. Plans are underway to build a brand new nature center to fully focus our education program and bolster conservation efforts in western Washington.


The Nature & Discovery Center will offer programs designed to reconnect humans with wildlife through interpretive outreach, engaging workshops, and scientific exploration. In a time where humans are severely removed from our natural world, we aim to provide an opportunity for our community to grow and learn about nature together. 

Our Education Team has put great thought into how we can best fulfill our mission to support education and conservation efforts while serving our community. Pending funding, our staff is thrilled to offer programs and activities such as:

Raptor Camp

Campfire Talks

Interpretive Walks

Interactive Displays

Seasonal Bird Counts

Multi-sensory Exhibits

Astronomy Exploration

Wildlife Tracking Workshops

Wildlife Identification Activities

Stewards to the Land Workshop

Build Your Own Feeder/Shelter Workshop 

 With your support, this vision can become reality.

Planting Trees
Experimenting in Lab
Jumping in Puddles
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