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For someone with an interest in wildlife conservation, this internship will show you a window into research that even the best biology internships can’t touch. We are seeking candidates to assist with ongoing retrospective analyses of wildlife morbidity and outcomes of patients who received rehabilitation care at our center. Successful applicants have the opportunity to assist project managers in data management and entry. Research Assistants will produce high-quality, accurate work, resulting in a robust data set from which future research can draw from. There will be opportunities to receive training in the use of statistical programs and gain familiarity with wildlife rehabilitation techniques. 

We are looking for the people who will matriculate onward to decide public policy, regulate wildlife conservation, or even those continuing with rehabilitation. We feel it is critical for these people to have a strong appreciation for wildlife science early in their careers, so that they can truly understand the species they will someday regulate, study professionally, or preserve.


Job Duties:   

  • Digitize historic intake forms for internal analysis

  • Work with staff or small teams in organizing, compiling, and managing data

  • Import data into internal databases under close supervision

  • Conduct data quality assurance to ensure data is accurate and appropriate for analysis

  • Inform staff of data that is inconsistent, incomplete, or missing

  • Perform tasks accurately and meet assigned deadlines






Abilities and experience required:

  • Possess creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential

  • Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable

  • Requires self-confidence and ability to interact on a professional level

  • Interests in wildlife protection and assisting people with their wildlife issues

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work diligently and complete tasks on time

  • Ability to work in small teams

  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills

  • Time management — this is critical to ensure everything gets done...we can be very busy!

  • English — Multilingual skills are welcome! However, we mainly speak English so that is a necessity.

  • Pursuing or possessing a Bachelor’s Degree

Terms of Internship:

  • A three-month commitment is required.

  • Flexible scheduling with other interns at the center allows for days off or illness.

  • We make monthly schedules so you become a pillar of our efforts. Interns are not “extra help” at our center.  

  • Interns need to be able to provide transportation to get to our site.

  • Interns need to have a place to live.  We presently do not have housing.

  • Minimum age is 18, generally a little older is better.

Post-graduate Internship Perks:

  • You will get first-hand experience working with 10+ years of data - an opportunity which very few conservation internships offer. This will make you a strong applicant for higher-level education programs.

  • If you give us your all, we will give you a letter of recommendation that reflects that effort. We enjoy seeing where our interns matriculate. 

Application Process:

Please email or mail us:


  1. Your resume.

  2. Copy of your college coursework (transcripts).

  3. A letter stating your present goals for your career and you expectations for the internship (i.e., how it will help you reach your goals). 

  4. Please detail any abilities you may have for statistical analysis, professional data analysis or contribution to research efforts at college. 

Conservation & Data Internship 

at Puget Sound Wildcare

Interns are also required to complete online coursework. All interns will be trained on all species that we have seen at our center.

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