Wildlife News

New Testing Method Could Increase Biosecurity in Elk Herd Populations

Alberta ranchers use RAMALT test for CWD in elk herds

Washington's first Karelian Bear Dogs, credited with busting poachers and saving kittens, die

A tribute to Cash and Mishka, who aided in WDFW conservation efforts since the early 2000's

Biologists Test Promising Treatments for Bats Threatened by Fungal Disease

Teams of wildlife professionals strive to find solutions for the fatal effects brought on by White Nose Syndrome

Minnesota Scientists Aim to Curb Chronic Wasting Disease with 'Moonshot' Tool

Scientists claim in the next few years, they could develop a tool to detect CWD in live deer 

Helping Birds Survive Winter Nights

Ensure your local birds survive the winter by staying informed with Wild Birds Unlimited!