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PSWC  Adoption Services

Have you been thinking of adopting a new pet? We may be able to help you.

We have cats and kittens that are here due to unpredictable circumstances (found in the engine of a traveling truck, abandoned in the wild, owner died, etc.). Many
 of our animals are listed on and are adopted through foster homes or Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital. 

We occasionally have other animals, such as lost domestic ducks, chickens, lizards, pet rats, and even pet turtles.


Thinking of Adoption?

In general, kittens are adopted with a Kitten Pack. This service includes:

- A doctor's examination

- FeLV/FIV testing

- All first year shots

- A microchip

- Multiple dewormings

- Ear mite and flea treatment

- Several nail trims

- Most kittens receive a spay/neuter before they leave (if they aren't already fixed)

Thinking of Fostering Felines?

If you are interested in providing foster care for kittens or adults, please contact Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital at (360) 886-8000. The season for fostering is between May-November. Currently we do not have any kittens or cats that need to be fostered.


Sometimes we have friendly kittens and a mom that are easy keepers, but there are those that actually need someone to repeatedly hold and handle them to acclimate them to family life. In other cases, we need to evaluate adult cats in a new environment. We have had cats in a multi-cat environment that take offense and behave badly. In a new environment, they are completely different cats. We welcome foster homes! Only with alternate sites can we see what the cat will do. If you have an interest in helping use get cats ready for their forever home, we want to meet you! 
We often get adult cats who would enjoy the lap cat advantages of being placed with a retired person. Some of the cats would be best as an only cat; others are willing to share owners. Matching pets to their forever homes is our life’s work. Good fits are so rewarding to everyone involved.

Exotic Adoptions

We also receive an unusual variety of “exotic” or farm critters from barnyard ducks (often presented as wildlife babies) to non-native water turtles (e.g. Red-eared Sliders) and African tortoises, to peafowl, domestic pigeons, bearded dragons, and even weird lizards that stow away in shipping containers from China and elsewhere. We adopt these types of animals out to permanent homes.  

If you are interested in adoption of any animal, feel free to download our adoption form, below, and submit it.


Ready to Move Forward?

Click the button below to download our pet adoption form.

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