Feral Kittens

We have for many years, operated a project to work with feral felines and remove them from the wild adopting them to inside only homes.  We do this because outdoor cats are damaging native populations of songbirds and more and more these avian populations who already have to deal with pesticides, urban development and habitat, are in in undeniable decline.  

Wildlife Assistance

We continue to assist citizens get assistance with wildlife problems and we are known for answering the phones and working with people to solve those problems. If you have found an animal and need assistance, visit our found an animal page. 

Environmental Education 

We also have environmental programs for both youth and families from on-site programs to field trips.  Due to the pandemic, we have cut back on this program until we can welcome back groups larger than 5 people.   Meanwhile we are working digitally to provide information to the public to educate them on environmental concerns. 


We analyze data to improve wildlife rehabilitation methods. As technology advances, we are finding new ways to study animals. For example, transmitters have been used to track animal movement and health. Worked with a boarded surgeon, we used titanium plates to fix fractures that otherwise could not have been repaired. 

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