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One Lucky Weasel!

Rodents are not the only animals in danger of being caught on glue traps (a.k.a. "sticky traps"). A family in North Bend had this unpleasant realization when they found this Long-tailed Weasel stuck to a trap they'd set. Weasels have very high-pitched screams and this one was making a lot of noise. Once we had the weasel in our care, we were able to remove the glue with olive oil — which can be a painstaking process — while he was under anesthesia. We then bathed him using Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove the olive oil. This story has a happy ending, but that isn’t always the case. We let the family know that weasels are actually natural pest control and they agreed to keep any glue traps inside their home. This lucky guy was able to be released near his original location where he knew the area.

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