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Puget Sound WildCare is a 501(c)3 non-profit Organization. With roots in wildlife rehabilitation, our center focuses on promoting Environmental Education and Wildlife Conservation. 


We are looking for wildlife interns! We are looking for hardworking college students who are interested in animal welfare and gaining hands on experience in wildlife rehabilitation. 

If you are interested please visit the 'how to help' tab for more information about  our wildlife internship as well as our pre-veterinary and conservation and data internships!

Winter Support For Hummingbirds 

The winter is a difficult time for Washington hummingbirds. The onslaught of snow we have received has been devastating to our hummingbird populations. Click the 'learn more' button below for tips and tricks to keep hummingbirds warm and well fed this winter. 




Puget Sound WildCare (a DBA of South Sound Critter Care) specializing in human-wildlife interactions was opened a wildlife hospital in 2009 for mammal and reptile care in 2009 and received a federal permit for migratory bird species in 2010.  The permits were expanded to provide regional care for about 2,800 animals of 130 species and the in 2014, we expanded to include an additional acre of land (the Annex) and built 30 outdoor enclosures.   That made us the 2nd largest wildlife care center in WA State serving King and Pierce Counties which house about 40% of Washington’s population.  In January of 2023, we purchased an additional 2.66 acres for a total at our annex site of 3.66 acres.   We have moved many of our enclosures from the veterinary hospital to that site.  We have been in communication with WDFW about re-permitting starting in 10/21 and the re-construction started then.  In 2020, the standards for animal housing were changed and we have worked for nearly 2 years now to make all the required changes and we have expanded our capacity to include a very large raccoon kit juvenile facility, we now have 5 pools, 3 of them are much larger and all have new professional filters, to allow for pelagic seabirds, and we have separate facilities at the annex for prey species.  We had to reduce some capacities for tree squirrels and opossums with the new housing.  However, there are new licensed wildlife rehabilitators are now in our area to assist with those animals so we refer to them.  So while we had 30 enclosures, with the new standards, we now have 28 and 2 more in process to construct in 2023.

Our purposes are to: To enhance the preservation of animals (both wild and some small domestic) in King County and surrounding areas in Western Washington by providing education, rehabilitation, placement, and environmental advocacy in the community through people, one person at a time.

From 2010 to 2018 PSWC received 13,915 wild animals in need of care. We have been in court with WDFW since 11/6/2018. That case has been heard, and we are in the process to reopen in the late spring of 2023!  We are in process to return to service now.  We can accept state regulated animals such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians and non-migratory birds.   Migratory bird permits in process and we will let you know when those birds can be admitted.  In the meantime, we can make referrals based on you situation.




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