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Meet the Interns of PSWC!

Wildlife/Naturalist Intern


Monica is a recent Seattle University graduate. She has a degree in Environmental Studies with a Specialization in Ecological Systems. She is originally from Mexico, but has lived in Seattle for 11 years. She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and  having game nights with her friends. Her previous internship included working with sea turtles. The experience she gained led her to want to work more with wildlife. Her goal is to be involved with wild animals in the Pacific Northwest, whether through conservation, rehabilitation, or even research.

Monica's favorite moment of working at PSWC is 

Pre-Veterinary Assistant Intern 

Mikaela grew up on a small farm in Port Orchard, WA, which is where her passion for helping animals blossomed. She is currently in her senior year at Seattle University where she is majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. During her time at Seattle University, she has competed on the division I women’s soccer team. In her free time, Mikaela enjoys hiking, listening to music, and exploring new places. She plans to pursue a career in veterinary medicine upon graduation. During her internship at Puget Sound WildCare, Mikaela is looking to broaden the scope of animals that she has worked with, while also developing the fundamental skills of a veterinary assistant.


Wildlife/Naturalist Intern


Claire will be a sophomore next year at Scripps College. She is working towards her degree in Organismal Biology and minor in Spanish language. She loves soccer and enjoys other sports like ultimate frisbee and volleyball. She also has a background in hiking and outdoor activities. She is passionate about sustainability and conservation and hopes to some day make a difference within the condition of our environment.


Pre-Vet Intern

Ashley works as a pre-vet intern at the Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital. She is currently a sophomore at her local high school and has played competitive volleyball for four years. For fun, she likes to make handmade jewelry, garden, and of course play with animals. To this day her family owns two cats, one dog and a horse. Growing up she has always been intrigued by animals , how they function, and their behaviors. She knew that interning at Sawyer Lake hospital was the place for her. She is amazed by the kind hearted staff and hands-on work interns are able to partake in. During her internship, she plans to increase her knowledge and skills that are necessary to become a veterinarian assistant or a doctor. 

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