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Volunteer Jobs

Our Animal Care volunteers are critical to the daily operations of the center and help maintain our Kitten Adoption Program. Through this work, volunteers are responsible for enhancing the quality of life for resident educational birds while also caring for and socializing kittens.



Needed for half day shifts. These angels want to help animals but are not interested in the dirt and muck that come with cleaning cages. They are comfortable keeping up all the activities in the kitchen: moving laundry through the system, animal food prep duties, washing the dishes associated with animal care, and keeping the kitchen clean.


We need volunteers with experience in construction, wood working, or even a handyman to help us maintain our facility.




Needed at the center to help maintain and repair a number of things around the center. People with any handyman skills can help out and keep our caging, and our center, in good quality. 




Many of the critters we care for eat lots and lots of green stuff. To help keep costs down, we have a garden on our site. Right now we need volunteers who would like to help us raise greens and veggies to feed the animals. You would be able to set your own schedule and if desired could help plan next year's garden.



This development skill is an extremely helpful talent needed at our center and is a great resume builder.  The position requires year-round assistance with events, fundraisers, donations, and encouraging volunteers to come join in our organization.

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